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6 comments on “2

  1. brixpoul says:

    Great photo, is that you? Where is it?

  2. It’s at mount nemo in Ontario, Canada. It is :). Thanks!

  3. jfossbakk says:

    Nice climbing picture! I envy your outdoor climbing opportunity. This time of year I spend my time on my hangboards, or on my gyms bouldering wall. But eventualy March will be here, and the sun will dry up the overhangs once again…..:-)

    • Don’t be so envious, all of my pictures are from before November- it’s been too cold in Ontario since then for me lol. Am itching to get back out there once the weather turns around! I’m doing the same thing you are; training inside :l- hopefully I’ll at least have gotten stronger from all the strength training come march :p

  4. jfossbakk says:

    Whoaa! Your photo got me fooled :-) I did not know you were a resident of Ontario. Hope you keep up the motivaton during those looong indoor sessions, returning stronger than ever to the rock :-)

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